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Network Analysis

As IP Telephony and other bandwidth-intensive applications emerge as viable choices for implementation, organizations need a way to accurately evaluate their existing network capabilities.  Recurring network issues for existing infrastructure also demand expert detection and analysis. Many organizations determine that a feasible solution is to have their networks analyzed for any current network issues.  Our goal is to establish a baseline for all your networks and devices to not only address your current needs but prepare you for future IT applications as well.

Our Network Analysis provides performance metrics on both your network infrastructure and all devices on that infrastructure – laptops, PCs and servers.   We look to identify and remove all potential choke points and bottlenecks that are causing less than desired performance and recommend actions that will insure your current capabilities are maximized.

Network Analysis tests include:

  • Physical Health Analysis – isolates physical errors related to core networking devices such as switches, routers and hubs.
  • Broadcast Storm Analysis – isolates causes of broadcast storms and the possible effect on the network.
  • Network Capacity Overload Analysis – examines network utilization, availability and any problematic utilization levels.
  • Network Throughput Analysis – measures actual speed of data transfer against expected performance.
  • Network End-to-End Interpacket Timing Analysis – measures timeliness of data transfer across the network (Jitter).
  • Packet Route and Path Cost Analysis – examines the route of packet transfer throughout the network, and the number of hops or paths made in transferring the data.
  • End-to-End Transfer Analysis – examines file access process for any delays or interruptions.
  • Trace Decoding – examines data captured for any problematic packets or frames and isolating their causes.
  • Complete IT Asset Inventory for Accounting and Disaster Recovery


Network Analysis enables us to remotely measure your network performance, both internal and external, and the IP devices connected to your network(s). We are able to determine if there are any existing issues that are impacting performance and deliver a set of recommendations to address any problems we find.

We also provide an Asset Inventory Report that not only gives you a detailed inventory of all IT equipment attached to the network(s) making insurance claims after a loss due to fire, flood, theft, etc., easy and simple to file.


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IT costs – hardware, software and personnel – can represent as much as 10-20% of your organization’s annual revenues.  It is a cost center that should help drive additional dollars for the company.  As such, we recommend to our clients that they order our managed services offerings in order to remotely monitor and manage their assets on a 7x24x365 basis.