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NKW computer systems and networking provide a LAN or WAN that can accommodate a full range of bandwidth demands. We specialize in custom network products that provide superb reliability.

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Nothing is more essential to your business than the uninterrupted availability of your IT and network infrastructure. NKW Network Services offers a variety of comprehensive managed service plans to lower your business risk and free up resources for core business initiatives. Our managed service plans are designed to maximize performance and uptime.

Our Network Analysis provides performance metrics on both your network infrastructure and all devices on that infrastructure – laptops, PCs and servers.   We look to identify and remove all potential choke points and bottlenecks that are causing less than desired performance and recommend actions that will insure your current capabilities are maximized.

NKW cabling solution provides what competitive business environment demands- advanced information systems that meet requirements well into the future. Our data communications cables provide enhanced performance characteristics for today’s and tomorrow’s large- and small-enterprise applications.