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VoIP Readiness

Take the worry out of deploying an IP PBX Communication System

You are now ready to install a new IP PBX Communication System and you are worried about the potential impact on your existing internal and external networks.  You also need to feel confident with what level Mean Opinion Score (MOS) can your telephone users expect.With VoIP Readiness, we will work with you, to address network issues before they become problems and provide solutions that allow you to have a seamless IP PBX Communication System installation and save you time, money and support issues.

VoIP Readiness allows us to measure your basic network performance.  By understanding your existing Bandwidth, Response Time, Packet Loss, Jitter and Latency you will be able to:

  • Identify problem bottle necks in your networks before deployment of a new IP PBX Communication System.
  • Measure over call quality expectations.
  • Avoid unneeded network upgrades.

Our testing will provide you with a grade predicting user satisfaction when the IP PBX  Communication System is installed as well as point out problem spots on the network prior to deployment.

VoIP Readiness enables us to remotely measure your network performance and report on the most useful network metrics relating to Call Quality and Dropped Calls.