Here’s Looking at You

by Norman K. Willis

Just about every business, even a small business, has to give some thought to security. This is especially true for companies that produce high dollar value products—the threat of theft is always very real. Given that reality, business owners have to answer a very important question—“How do we protect our business, and our employees?”

For sure, having a physical security presence is an effective way to deter criminals from making off with merchandise or engaging in other unsavory activities around a place of business. The truth is, however, it isn’t always practical or cost effective. Even if physical security is a good solution during business hours, what about after hours, when no customers or employees are present? In addition, security officers, though many of them are very professional and competent, sometimes don’t show up for work, make mistakes, or have lapses in attention. In light of that, employing video surveillance may be the best solution for some businesses to protect themselves and their resources.

So if you’re a business owner and you’ve made the decision to utilize video surveillance, where do you start? There are many important components to a surveillance system—monitors, cabling, video recorders—but the workhorse of the system is the camera. Choosing the right camera for your application can make the difference between having a system that does what you want it to do, or an expensive toy that just dents your pocketbook.

Indoors vs. Outdoors

A key factor in choosing the right camera is whether or not it will be for indoor or outdoor use. Cameras designed to operate outside will have special features that will protect them from the elements, so this is an important consideration. Be sure and take into account the seasonal changes and potentially extreme conditions (i.e. heat and cold) your equipment may have to withstand

Night vs Day

Will you be monitoring 24 hours? If so, you may need to select a camera that has the ability to render clear images at night, and automatically adjust for poor lighting.


One other important consideration in choosing your camera is the distance at which it will be viewing images. Will objects be close to the camera or at a distance? For some applications applications, the camera may need to be able to capture small objects, so make sure you choose a high resolution model if this is an important factor.


As with any technology, the video surveillance industry is constantly undergoing change, and the technology is getting more and more sophisticated. If you’re shopping for a security camera, there are many good solutions in the marketplace that offer:

  • High quality resolution
  • Wide angle lenses
  • Digital video format
  • Wireless setup

If you’re looking for a video surveillance system for your business, NKW Communications can help you. We’re well versed in the best of breed technologies, and can help you decide on the best option for your business.

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