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Installation and relocation of Business Telephone Systems and Services

We provide full project management and responsibility for coordinating: Internet, data and voice cable, Data Center design, installation and maintenance, local and long distance voice services and associated system services.

We have a wide variability of systems to support you company’s level of growth from digital to IP and VoIP systems. We match you requirement to a system that best fits your needs.
Our cabling system provides the highest level of performance and dependability with life time warranties.
Nothing is more essential to your business than the uninterrupted availability of your IT and network infrastructure. Network Services offers a variety of comprehensive managed service plans. Our managed service plans are designed to maximize performance and uptime.
NKW Security Services Group plays an important part in the overall health of the entire work place. Security should be kept at its highest level of protection. Sensitive data and personnel should be protected. We have alarm, surveillance, access control and monitoring system.

Short and Long Term Contracts

Contract service is an option that allows you to have the expert services needed to implement a project with through knowledge and understanding of our client while still being dedicated to quality performance and long term profitability and growth.

Maintenance Agreements

Maintenance services are a major part of system stability it provides a pro-active platform to ensure optimum system performance. These services and checks extend the life of computer system components. The practice of keeping computers in a good state of repair also enhances the productive of employees and fosters an efficient work environment.